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The wait is over! Hchhkr is here!!!

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Hchhkr is the only long-distance ridesharing app available in North America. It’s for sharing a ride with someone who has already planned a trip in their personal vehicle to go somewhere specific. It’s not a taxi service. It works best for road trips, but it can also be used for recurring rides, work commutes, airport rides, etc. Similar services are extremely popular in Europe where ridesharing apps have been used by millions for years. But those app companies think North America is a lost cause. (Seriously, look it up). We beg to differ, which is why we created Hchhkr. We think America is ready for ridesharing, and we think the world could use a better ridesharing experience.

So, how does the app work?

Driver Experience

Sign up, enter a few easy details about yourself, your car, and your trip. Then anyone who wants to take a similar trip as a passenger can search for and find your ride and book your extra seat. You schedule a pick-up window somewhere safe (think Starbucks) and then you meet, show each other your valid IDs and then enjoy your trip together! Afterwards you exchange a verification code to enter in the app, and post a quick rating and review of the trip. Then, the driver is paid. Viola!


Passenger Experience

Sign up, enter a few simple details about yourself, then search for your desired trip. If no drivers are offering your current trip, try to simplify it by entering major cities. If there are still no rides posted yet, you can set up an email alert to be notified if a driver adds the trip you’re looking for. If there is an available trip, awesome! Book it, coordinate a safe meeting place and time, and meet at that location on time. Show each other your valid photo IDs. Enjoy your trip together! Afterwards, exchange the ride verification code, enter it in the app, and post a rating and review of the trip.


Help us out 🙂

While our website, iOS and Android apps are currently live and operational, we are still in beta. This means that rides will be valid and drivers will get paid, but bugs and glitches may still exist. Please understand that as a beta user, you are helping us improve and grow this app! If you like it, please don’t leave us a poor rating/review at this stage if there are issues – instead please contact us directly and we will address the issue asap! We’re counting on you to help make us awesome. If you’d rather not be a beta user, but want to use the app once we’ve published a fully stable release, stay on this newsletter list and we’ll send out an email once we’ve reached that point. We need beta users in order to reach that point though — so if you know anyone who would like to use our service, please spread the word and forward this email!

Thanks so much,
The Hchhkr Team